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Washing of carpets

Washing of carpets

All rugs are used, ranging from Qalyhayy used to sell homes or those that have decorative aspect as well as paintings on the wall are all after a few years due to the proximity of the various pollutants to be washed permanently are removed and cleaned. Even our neighboring air pollution and dust particles on the carpet nap amidst the dead and the long-term causes pus and the carpet are dark. Therefore, it is inevitable, but the carpet washing and cleaning methods has characteristics that it presents.

A carpet should be washed as far as possible, because each wash carpets, the damage to it. Sunlight is the best means of heat for drying the carpet is washed. Solar light to shine on the carpet in all its parts penetrate and eliminate the moth and the mold. It is better to wash the rug is done in the spring or late summer. Because at this time not so much direct sun and burning caused by overheating compromising carpet and not so clammy that it is not necessary interest to be achieved.

and that in some areas of traditional state and even displayed a very pleasant and beautiful watch for those interested in Iranian carpet. The carpets need to be carefully cleaned and principles that aims to clearly and without the least damage to the carpet fulfilled. The carpet of pollution and soot Charkazi levels and is completely Pagyz·h.

Carpet cleaning is done in two ways: the traditional method and new method.

Carpet quite old methods usually put into water flowing streams and then the carpet was wet well and moved it out with Choobak and other traditional detergent and washed using large paddles. Then the carpet again submerged in the creek and had started work to remove detergent.After two to three days to completely dry the carpet was..

Washing should be done in any manner that has the same steps as follows:


Wash with detergent




Today, the plant is similar to old-style rug cleaning is performed. The first carpet on the floor and all of them are soaked with water. Usually workshops Qalyshvyykharj of the city; moreover, to the extent possible, the city used water streams or wells can be drilled water for washing carpets improve the process early.

After all was well soaked carpet detergent to the appropriate value on the throw rug. The special brushes to wash their carpets. The pus and infected parts of the carpet is clean. In some workshops rug cleaning machines specially designed and built with large, circular brushes are driven by electric power, and slowly the carpet is worn and the dark and dirty it. After all carpets are well washed by water hose with water and water pressure adjustable showerhead player is all washed carpets and carpet Mvadshvyndh well away from them. After a good detergent arisen out of the carpet pile carpet completely and are usually integrated into large basins of water are used to rinse term. However, in addition to workshops rug cleaning streams flowing water is present or to the wells, the water fast and trends of established, carpet inside and placed it for a few hours left to make the detergent completely clean and out of the carpet. This is perhaps the best and most effective ways to remove detergent and rinse carpet, so to that end, is modern and well-equipped workshops rug cleaning streams and rivers enable the use of normal saline for this purpose at their disposal operation can carpet The best way to do it. When the shovel and brushes certain to rinse the carpet is often better to eliminate the use of detergents and pollutants altogether. Instead of rolling up the carpet and rug cleaning in workshops generally with water pressure, a special device is used where its performance is similar to the centrifuge. These devices are cylindrical chamber inside the carpet and wall mosaics metal and anchored it with the Kindle, quickly and with a circular motion to rotate it. In this case, due to centrifugal force, the water in the carpet to lead the party and the carpet behind the wall mosaics out
Is. In many cases, these systems produce some heat, too little to accelerate the carpet drying. After dehydration carpet the same way Qzymy or on the surface of the floor to dry or hang on to dead and large scaffold until after the governor three days in the presence of dry air and sunlight. Some of the courses to build a warm home rug cleaning for carpets have dried. In this warm house with the creation of a large center for central heating Steam and other heat all the hot air evenly heat their homes. Then all the carpets hanging from scaffolds special and carpets dry in the shortest time.

Subject to specific points in the carpet cleaning

When cleaning carpets and rugs observe some safety guarantees to prevent corrosion and increase its durability is the most important of them are:

 Carpet cleaning should be smooth and hard surface like concrete surface, or stone Mvazyyk done.

 If you wash the carpet in rivers and streams is not possible it is better to go to the shower that soaked the carpet washing water pressure and a jet used to provide broadcast.

 Detergent for washing of carpets used to be completely neutral to prevent any damage in wool. Acidic or alkaline environments and severe somehow damage the wool fiber chemical structure and physical properties The properties are desirable. Especially when cleaning carpets in the homes of many of their conventional detergents. The powders in order to meet the high fat on the dishes and clothes are a strong acidic chemical compounds and their use for washing the carpet pile will cause dirt and dirty surfaces, in addition to washing of carpets, carpet all the fat that made fibers The fibers are completely dry and brittle. In this case, after a while, use and exposure to traffic and carpet fibers break immediately be bald.

 If you have that kind of cream colored carpets that are not dye well and in any case are not sufficiently stable colors when washing, especially when drawn by a brush on the surface colors may merge villain and the so-called carpet color. Use warm water, which is high even Hrrt it can give back colors to accelerate. That is why there is often Hvzchhhayy workshops rug cleaning stained by certain materials to color the fibers for a time to be relatively constant. However, in some cases, despite observance of all cases, the color of carpets and carpet were there no other way than color.

 If the detergent used for washing of carpets Beria, which due to impurities in the material, may penetrate into the carpet pile. Therefore, in such cases has to be done must be carefully rinse. The persistence of these substances to mingle with long-term damage to the carpet is carpet.

 If you rinse the carpet in the river is due to the presence of certain minerals (even plaster and lime) compound may remain in the carpet will be premature decay.

If the carpet for dehydration centrifuge machines should not be used carpet by brush or with special paddles of the water completely. The carpets were old be taken up when the water pressure by removing the carpet not. Even things like rolling up the carpet and put pressure on it, especially for older carpets will cause rupture was darn carpets, especially in parts.

If you are forced to dry carpets washed it for a while, we should carpet tape completely open. If there is plenty of room for hanging carpet rolling up the carpet and then it's not appropriate. Because after 2 to 3 days of drying the carpet, in part, to the significant relief that may appear to be easy to lose, and even cause permanent relief is carpet. Due to the prominence it deserves feet high, causing wear of the carpet is the same.

If the carpet at home to be washed and the type of fibers it is as unstable and poor should be hung to dry carpet. Because the remaining water from the carpet fibers and carpet pile down over the top of it were damaged and it is very difficult color. On the other hand directing all the remaining water to the bottom of the carpet are Chlhha high pressure and the possibility of tearing them is increasing, especially in the case of old carpets.

 After rinsing the carpet to waste it is completely smooth. Otherwise, the possibility of residual detergent and other minerals it contains, which causes premature decay is carpet.

It is recommended if you have carpet slightly alkaline state (for dyeing of materials commonly used is too alkaline) with a little water and acid can be 1 to 2% to compensate for it.

Should as far as possible of the warm house or places where there is no sunlight can be used for drying the carpet. The intense radiation of sunlight causes fading of carpet color is unstable.

Of detergent for washing of carpets is not used in the houses and the materials used are completely neutral detergent, and no acid or alkaline compounds are severe.

If for some reason the wool fibers when washing and carpet color will be defiled it can be collected by special materials to paint. Dye is the most common vector hydrosulfite. But should not be used with high rate of hydrosulfite.